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Welcome to my online portfolio for web, graphic design including developemt projects. I am available for freelance projects at this time. Please feel free to send me an email as I welcome the opportunity to help you with any of your graphic/web and development needs.

A Five page point of reference website, where people can go or be directed from the name on your business card, a place where people can go and read all about you and your business or hobby etc, if you already have your domain name and hosting service, great! but if you don't and need a domain name and hosting service, I can provide these for you or point you in the right direction and steps needed to get your website up and ruinning.

I can create for you a professional five page website that will give you and your business a web presence on all major search engines over the internet, Yahoo, Google etc... Domain, Hosting and site Creation/Design.

Nail Ritz

HotShod Farrier Services Costco Presentation
Pinnacle Cattle Development Center, LLC Hunting Dogs Brocstock Staffordshirebull Terriers Delaney Cattle

" Latest Design and Development Work "

- Pinnacle Cattle Development Center, LLC
- Delaney's Irish Dexter Cattle
- Byron Valley Farm
- Erath County Pasture to Packer 2013-2014
- American Dexter Cattle Association
- HuntingDawgs.com
- German Hunting Terrier


Email: info@raydelaney.net