About - Ray Delaney

Upon arriving in the United States from Dublin, Ireland, Ray Delaney became an Allaire and Lynda Weinman certified web designer/developer/coldfusion programmer, holding lead developer position in an internet department for a 60 million dollar e-commerce corporation in California. Ray has been a certified developer and web designer for 19 years.

Worked for Walt Disney productions CA, working with top Disney special effects team to produce the Walt Disney movie soundtrack, Jungle 2 Jungle with actor, Tim Allen. Ray's involvement, working close with UK Reggae band Maxi Priest to help produce the Walt Disney sounding song and video called "It Starts in the Heart". by Maxie Priest, for the Tim Allen movie, Jungle 2 Jungle.

Developed a wealth of knowledge in many disciplines in the horse/equine industry, having been around horses for 25 + years, at the age of 15, entered a five year term as an apprentice jockey for Palmerstown Stud, the racing stable of Anne Bullitt considered to be Ireland's first female breeder of Thoroughbred race horses. Anne's farther was William Bullitt, Franklin D. Roosevelt's first Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

A professional BWFA and master farrier, farrier school certified specializing in the all around performance horse, Barrel, Cutting, Reining etc...

Extensive knowledge and experience of farm management, horses, sheep, cattle, poultry etc... managing a 400 head of sheep, 50 head cattle and a 34 thousand battery hen operation, today lives in Stephenville Texas

A keen dog enthusiast, Irish Kennel Club life member, breeding, showing, hunting, racing etc... Having been around dogs and the showing of dogs from the early age of 5, and having family members responsible founders of terrier breed clubs in Ireland, (Peter Delaney) The Irish Terrier (William Delaney) The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, myself a keen dog enthusiast having bred and shown, Wire Fox Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, German Hunt Terriers, involved in whippet racing and enjoying the many hunt terriers and hounds, I have imported dogs from Ireland, England, Serbia, Bulgaria, South Africa and enjoyed every aspect of hunt show and field breeds.- Jagdterriers, German Hunt Terriers

Enthusiast of pigeon racing, having been around pigeon racing from the age of 5, pigeon racing has been a stronghold in the Delaney family for many years, having 8 family members both in Ireland and UK breaking national and international records with some records never been broken, over the years I have bred and raced pigeons in Ireland, England and the USA, racing at national and international levels, studied the Rock Dove, (Columba livia) in it's natural environment, the beautiful cliffs of Howth, Co Dublin, with observations on feeding and general socializing behaviors.

Other interests and hobbies to many to list... Hunting, Ranching, Rual Living etc...