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About Brocstock:

Brocstock Kennel Originally Founded by Willie Delaney, Dublin, Ireland, The Brocstock affix is now, proudly carried on by nephew Ray Delaney who was raised around his uncles and cousins Stafford's since 1967, who have always kept 2-3 staffords in their gardens, Ray, now resides in the Stephenville, Texas, USA.

Comments from the SBTN, by "Seamus McNutt", Northern Ireland, 06/26/2001
Mr.Delaney, Thank you for creating such a great web site for the breed and fanciers of the breed, your site shows such the dedication you have for the breed and promoting the breed. Your uncle William had the same liking for the breed, keep up the great work. Seamus.

Remembering Willian Delaney - 6th October 1927 - 22nd March 2002
Those we love can never be more than a thought apart
For as long as there is a memory, They'll live on in our hearts.

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Like terrier breeders all over the world, we all like to plan a head with different matings and such, it's just the nature of the game and and if not careful can easily be over run with puppies, I'm sure you would all agree that possibly one of the hardest things as a breeder is to find homes for your puppies and preferably keeping some of the prospects close by with family and friends to watch their progression, well my uncle Willy was no different in that regards as he also liked to keep a few of puppies promising puppies close by with family and friends so he could see how they turned out.

My uncle left a couple of his dogs with his cousins, Raymond Delaney from Ballyfermot and and John Delaney from Harmonstown

Raymond Delaney had two staffies named (Ructions) and (Sankey), Ructions was down from the Raymond McEvoy stock and Sankey was out of Willie Delaney's Brindle Devil.

John Delaney had two staffies named (Satan) and (Gypsy) both out of the Brindle Devil lines.

Raymond's dog Ructions was one of the most aggressive Stafford's I have ever seen, kept in a back garden that backed up to an alleyway and every morning and afternoon there would be 70-100 kids passing by the bagarden going to school and as they passed, would kick the steel gate and drove the dog absolutely crazy, we actually witnessed the kids throwing small glass bottles of milk over the wall, Ructions would catch them in his mouth and one after the other smashing them in one bite, I have personally never seen the likes of this before, they decided to take Ructions out on the next badger dig and surprisingly he had a hard time pulling the badger, he had a couple attempts, he went down and took hold of the badger a few times but kept letting go so they took him out and sent in Raymond's other dog (Sankey) a Brindle Devil Son and in minutes pulled the badger right out, Sankey actually pulled two badgers that day, a very promissing young dog, personally he was my favorite type of Stafford and one that has stuck with me from my childhood, his only fault for showing was that he was on the small side but had an excellent head type, ear carriage and excellent bite.

John Delaney's (Satan) and (Gypsy), two really nice Stafford's, I have a photograph of them taken with myself when I was 11 years of age, two wonderful Stafford's, Willy and John took Satan to a trial one weekend and one of the other lads, there from another county had an over sized English bull and because the English bull wasn't good enough or able to pull his badger the lad that who owned him just couldn't handle it and decided to let him off the lead when Willy and John wasn't looking, the lad was hoping that his English bull would hurt Satan enough to take him out of the trial, well Satan upturned the English bull and Willy or John made no attempt to stop him because prior to this, the owner of the English bull had been bad mouthing Willie and his dogs to other terrier men at other trials, anyway no attempts were made to stop the dogs until the owner of the English bull had pleaded with Willy a couple times to take his dog of, Willy respected the lads wishes and stopped Satan, Willy felt that the owner of the English bull had all his questions answered right then and there.

Satan was then set to work and managed to pull the 26lb badger in minutes, in fact he pulled the badger so far out he gave the impression that he wanted to run off with the badger, that was Satan's first time out and was just 10 months old, another son of Brindle devil. John Delaney was having some sort of trouble keeping the staffords in his back garden so and Satan ended up with Willies good friend Tony Lee.

I think I should also mention, as many of you already know this that Stafford's are not the greatest swimmers, well all of Willies dogs were swimmers, this would give Willie an idea on condition of the dog, Willy would put all the Stafford's in the back of his Austin A40 or his Mini estate and take them all to dollymount beach every Sunday evening. There used to be a concrete piller sticking out of the water about 400 -500 feet from the edge of the water and his dogs would all swim out and around this concrete piller and back, not only were the dogs getting a good work out, but the ones that were working also got the benefit of the salt water to help heal the scratches etc...

Two years before my uncle passed away, I spent 5-6 hours with him one evening with him and my brother, I asked him would he be ok with just going over all the old memories he had from when he first started with the staffs, his showing and badgering days etc... I asked him would it be ok to record him of which he laughed and agreed to it, so we had some good laughs and also found out a lot of things I never knew about him, his dogs and the involvement of others etc... I have 5-6 hours of discussion all captured on tape.... when I have some down time on my side, I will have the entire conversation extracted and will share with you all as much as I can.

Bits and Pieces / This and That ..Things that come to mind ...
I once asked my uncle Williy Delaney, in his opinion what other terrier breeds out there were just as game as the staff on badger, he responded by saying without any doubt that the Wheaten Terrier was probably one of the most gamiest terriers he has ever seen working a badger, he went on to say, I don't like to say this ....but think that the Wheaten Terrier was probably even better than most of the Stafford's out there that were on badger, there were a number of Kerry Blues, Irish Terriers being used but again went back to saying that there were a lot of good dogs out there but getting back to your question, he said, I think the Wheaten Terrier was one hell of a dog.

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Ray Delaney

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