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The Brindle Devil Story:

The Brindle Devil Story - How Brindle Devil ended up in Ireland.
The true story, despite of what you have read on the internet which is clearly incorrect, he was not sent to Ireland by H.Payne nore did Willie Delaney purchase him from H.Payne, Willie purchased Brindle Devil in Petticoat Lane Flea Market, in The East End of London.

Brindle Devil ...
Willie and his brother Peter were living working in London at the time, both brothers being interested in pigeon racing decided to visit the Petticoat lane market one weekend to see what pigeons and small finches were being offered, as they both entered the market they noticed a lad standing there with a brindle young Stafford and caught Willies eye, Willie asked the lad are you selling the puppy or are you just waiting around for someone and the lad responded by saying that he had to get rid of the puppy because his landlord was going to put him out on the street if he didn't get rid of the pup because apparently the dog had ran down a hallway and jumped through a window after a passing dog so the lad had to get rid of the puppy or get out on the street, Willie said to the lad let me think about it and I will get back to you before I leave the market.....well I guess the excitement was all to much for Willie because he had an eye for a good dog and knew if he got the dog and sent it back home to Dublin he would have a good badger dog.

Well the excitement was all to much for Willie and he just had to have the puppy and had to borrow half the money from his brother Peter to get the dog.

Willie made the purchase and contacted his younger brother John Delaney who was also living and working in London at the time and asked him when he was going back to Dublin and next time he was going back would he take back a dog for him. my dad (John Delaney) agreed to take the dog back to Dublin and in those days there was no such thing as kennels on board so my dad had no choice but to make trip on the cattle deck because that was the only place they would allow animals to travel...anyway my dad told me that it was probably one of the hardest things he had to ever do, holding that dog (Brindle Devil) on a chain lead on the freezing cattle deck because the dog wouldn't stop pulling as he wanted to get at the cattle, my dad said that he tried everything to try and keep the dog from pulling, he said his hands were so cold that he couldn't even hit the dog but wrapped the lead around his arms, his legs, etc but still couldn't get this dog to stop pulling...... what made it even worse was there was another man from Cork traveling with a German Shepard guard dog he had purchased in the UK to protect his business yard back in Cork, noticed Brindle Devil was giving my dad a hard time and said... If you can't control your dog then you shouldn't have one... my dad said to the gentleman would it be possible to give the dogs a bit of distance between them because he kept walking past my dad saying I have every right to walk up and down this deck, again my dad asked the gentleman would you please give the dogs some distance as he was afraid that the dogs would grab each other.... the Cork gentleman responded by saying Oh don't worry about that my dog will eat your dog for breakfast...

My dad said he was taking as much shit as he could take from this man because he was afraid if something was to happen to Willies dog, he was afraid that Willie would kick his ass because Willie being the older brother and loved his dogs, but my dad just had enough of the cold, the dog pulling at the cattle and the Cork gentleman making it even harder, my dad said I had taken all I could take and didn't even care if the dog got loose and jumped over board but he had enough of the situation, well the Cork Gentleman walked by again and this time his German Shepard got within inches of Brindle Devil face and dad let the chain go and Brindle Devil not only did he shake the German Shepard but locked hard on the side of his face and stayed that way for well over an hour, my dad didn't know anything about hard biting dogs and didn't understand why he couldn't get Brindle Devil off the other dog, he thought if he held Brindle Devil Still enough for a period of time that the dog would let go.... well Brindle Devil was still trying to shake and pull the other dog around after an hour of being held, one of the lads that worked on the cattle deck got a bar and used it as a breaking stick and managed to get him to let go...

Brindle Devil made it to Dublin and was weeks after his arrival Willie came home from London and took him out for a walk in the field in front of his house, it was a nice 3 mile green stretch with a small river flowing between the area and said Brindle devil was just sniffing around the edge of the river and all of a sudden took off running and ran the entire length of the field and grabbed a German Shepard mix that someone else was the time Willie got to the dogs Brindle Devil had killed the dog.... Willie knew right then and there that his gut feeling he had in London was right that this dog was a game one and his next encounter would be a badger.

Willie took Brindle Devil out that weekend on a badger and Brindle Devil pulled two badgers, the first one was complete silence and the dog had the badger by the snout and the second one put his claw right through the top of Brindle Devils snout and Devil still managed to pull the badger, the dog was still wagging his tail with excitement and wanting more..... Willie took him out the next day as there was a few lads going to Carlow on a dig and the lads had entered 3 dogs with little luck, one dog showed that he had grabbed the badger, but the badger had backed the dog right out so Willie took Brindle Devil out of the back of the van and went right to work, Devil pulled the badger within minutes, a few of the lads told Willie that he should go to the next big field trail that was coming up in Wexford and to cut a long story short Willie and Brindle Devil went and again showed the judges he was a game one, leaving Wexford with top scores from all judges... this was the start of Brindle Devils badger days and was around this time lads from other parts of Ireland were contacting Willie to use Brindle Devil as a stud dog.....a great badger dog and even better producer of game ones...

Theres more ... coming soon

Willie Delaneys Dog - (Ch.Brindle Devil) - Reg# IKC 83799 Sire of:
Shanty of Dublin
Arrogant Devil
Battling Devil - Bob Watts
Battling Duchess - Seamus Mc Nutt
Ch.The Great Roger - (Brindle Devil x Brindle Bonny) also Dead Game Certificate South Tipperary Canine Club 1960
Satan's Son - (Brindle Devil x Brindle Bonny)
Ch.Fawn and Fancy
Ch.Brindle Wee Lass
Ch.Bonnie MacGregor
Great Caesar

Ch.Brindle Devil's Grandchildren
Tony Lee's - Red Commando = Double Grandson (Brindle Devil)
Riycil's Devil's Maid
Frazer of Ireland
Fearless Devil - Seamus Mc Nutt

Ch.Brindle Devil's Great Grandchildren
Wolf Island Boy

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Article by
Ray Delaney

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