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"Fritz" aka (Psycho)

D.O.B: 01/09/2010 ... 40cm, 21lb

"Fritz" has been sold to a professional outfitter operation in Brazos Point, Texas
Outstanding people who expect quality and performance, we are very happy to know that Fritz is in such great hands.
There is no question about it, Fritz will leave his mark as one of the top producing jagdterrier males in Texas.
Outstanding Bred, Outstanding Quality!

"Fritz" aka (Psycho)
"Fritz" on the left and "Maggie" on the right


First Encounter with 50lb Boar East Texas
January 22nd, 2011
An excellent first time performance!
"Krol" and "Fritz" working a 119lb boar
East Texas

How to clear a Texas barn of varmints Bulgarian Style!, Central Texas - 21st April 2011
"Fritz" aka (Psycho) The barn hunter, terminator killing a 19lb Bobcat
his accuracy was fantastic!.. minutes later went to battle with a 17lb Raccoon.

17lb Raccoon

19lb Bobcat

A few more hogs and clearing of varmint barns and this dog will be a force to be reckoned with

A very impressive dog!

An exceptional young dog as close to the breed standard as one could possibly hope for,
an extremely game and couragious dog with an excellent prey drive.

A great assist and contribution to the USA gene pool.


" Fritz" Sister "Vidra II ot Belashtitza"
Vidra II on a natural hunt killing a big fox in Bulgaria

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